Our Story

Friends from Hilo High School who share a deep love for design, ocean-centric lifestyles, and a passion for earth-friendly products. Their shared values have driven them to create an eco-friendly Island lifestyle brand that embodies their ethos. With a genuine passion for mindful production, the founders of Coconut Ave seek to inspire like-minded individuals to live sustainably and take care of the environment.

At the core of Coconut Ave's business model is a commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. The founders believe that their brand has a responsibility to protect the environment, and they take that responsibility seriously. They have taken steps to ensure that every aspect of their business is as eco-friendly as possible, from the materials they use to the production process they follow. They believe that by creating an eco-friendly brand, they can be a positive influence on the fashion industry as a whole.

Mahealani and Kelly, the founders of Coconut Ave, both started their college careers in fashion design and merchandising. Mahealani graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles with a degree in Graphic Design, while Kelly obtained her degree in Communications from UH Manoa on O'ahu. Together, they bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to their work at Coconut Ave. They are passionate about using their talents to make a positive impact on the world and are determined to make a splash in the eco-fashion industry.