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How to Save the World for Free: Sustainability Handbook

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How to Save the World For Free: (Guide to Green Living, Sustainability Handbook) Does the rapid destruction of the environment make you fear for yourself and future generations? Do you find yourself wishing that there was a way for you to personally contribute to the building of a healthy, eco-friendly world for all, but not knowing how? How to Save the World for Free is more than just another byproduct of late-stage capitalism—it’s a useful handbook that shows you how to change your lifestyle with small, practical steps that will create a huge difference in the fate of our planet. Environmental activist Natalie Fee tackles the ways that we can do our part in all of the major aspects of our lives—from the way we vote, the items we choose to consume, and even to the way we bank, to help us live better with the knowledge that our contributions are making a difference in the world.

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