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Bamboo Switch

Compostable Bamboo Travel Toothbrush | Stocking Stuffer

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Bamboo Travel Toothbrush that's collapsible for easy storage and travel! Our stylish Travel Toothbrush makes brushing on the go easier than ever before. The bristles are made out of castor bean oil, making the toothbrush completely compostable! Our toothbrush is the perfect replacement for wasteful plastic ones. ~~~ What's Included: One travel toothbrush ~~~ Materials: Bamboo & Castor Bean Oil ~~~ Care: It's recommended by dentists to replace the toothbrush every 3 months. Let toothbrush air dry or dry off with a clean towel before placing it in the travel case. ~~~ Dimensions: 4.75” Tall 1” Wide Weight: 0.8oz ~~~ Environmental Impact: Millions upon millions of toothbrushes get thrown out yearly. This leaves behind plastic that takes hundreds of years to breakdown. If even one person makes the switch, it makes such a huge difference. Our Bamboo Toothbrushes give you a luxury brushing experience without the plastic waste.

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