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Coconut Shell Candle - Sea Salt + Orchid

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Hand poured in Ponte Vedra, Florida, these coconut wax candles will bring a tropical vibe and sweet smell to your house. šŸ’œ Available in 2 sizes: Small ones are about 4ā€ W x 2.5ā€ H ; Big ones are about 5ā€ W x 3.5ā€ H šŸ’œ Choose from the following scents: - Unscented: natural soy wax smell - Coconut Hibiscus - Light floral notes of hibiscus, violet, and peony are blended on a base of creamy vanilla and sweet coconut to create this fruit-floral blend. - Wild Lavender & Sage: The top notes of herbs, lavender, and rosemary create a refreshing and calming aroma, while the mid notes of wild sagebrush, patchouli, and hemp grass add a touch of earthy and grounding scents. The base notes of amber, musk, and dried bark provide a warm and comforting finish, making it perfect for relaxation and meditation. - Sea Salt and Orchid - Top Note: Sea Salt, Lilies, Ozone; Middle Notes: Jasmine, Greenery, Dew Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Wood

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